Her Creature

I don’t usually think through my poems much, I just write (and then Haych edits to make them awesome). I don’t share them much either so hope you enjoy..


It’s dark, dark and grey

Up there in her head.

An empty beat circulates hurt

And ache onto them.

One word, one smile, one

Glance and dead they are

Or even worse, ruined.


Excruciating torment she drowns them in,

Shattering souls as she takes a breath.

Bleeding agony, their happiness is

Ripped away never to be seen again.

Her once vibrant heart, so black,

So rotten will kill them. Her heart yearns

Though her inner creature

Oozes but only anguish.


It’s cold there. Feel the gust of

Wind strong and heavy and strong.

It breaks you don’t touch it, she’ll

Break you. You may see the warning,

You can try to be careful,

But it’ll always be too late.

You are them.

-Em ❤


2 thoughts on “Her Creature

  1. I thought I would check out your page and although it’s a work in progress I have to say there is great content here! For instance, this poem is amazing, I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, wooow – that means a lot to us (especially since we’ve just started out)! And thank you about the poem too 🙂 We hope you keep a look out on our blog for more… xo


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