Honest Burgers


Honest Burgers has been around for a while and is a much loved burger-chain, though not halal which is why Haych and I never thought of going. But when we read the branch in Tooting Broadway was offering a halal burger, we had to give it a go.

So one Monday morning Haych called Em asking “Brunch at Honest?” and of course Em had to agree. Haych was ready for the set time of 10 whilst Em trotted up a good half hour late (sorry :S) and they found their way easily to the restaurant.

As it was pre-noon on a weekday, it was pretty quiet and we sat across from each other – Haych on the sofa seat, of course and myself on the chair. It was a nicely set place: funky art hanging, lovely lights and a big chalkboard menu. Although we could only choose the halal option we had a quick scan of the small menu anyway, just to see what was on offer. Here’s what we ordered (we got the same food):honest-burgers-drinks

  • Mint Lemonade – £3
  • Halal Chicken Burger free range chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mustard mayonnaise   all burgers, served with a side of rosemary salted chips – £9.75



I’m still unsure about what I ordered.. leave me alone, I’m not fussy! I did not like the mint lemonade, it had a bitter mint watery taste which lost what little taste it had with the melted ice. However, I do love the jar my drink was served in; my silver lining. Fortunately for the chicken lacking seasoning, it was coated with a layer of poppy seed which salvaged it. I must admit.. I love the bun. You only have to look at that glaze *moan*. It was soft, light, fluffy yet kept all the fillings intact (truly rare for a burger, just ask Em’s tops). The winner for my meal has to be the chips, touched by the holy grail and rosemary salt. The crispy flavoured skin must be the best side I’ve had and it complemented the dish. Trouble is I indulged a bit too much of these, leaving me with a parched mouth.


Ohmygosh I actually crave this chicken burger a lot (Haych, lets go again soon please)! The chicken burger came out with poppy seed breadcrumbs which was different but gave it this extra crunch and with the soft golden bun… it was beautiful. The only one thing I’d say is it was a litttleee bland as Haych and I are used to big, bold flavours and spices.However, it was so soft, yet crunchy that it was still great. On to the side of the rosemary salted chips – these were something I had not had before but it is fair to say I liked them. Yes I still had my ketchup and mayonnaise. Side note: try not to embarrass yourself trying to whack the sauce out a glass bottle. And last but not least my drink! Firstly, when am I not drinking something with mint in it..? Mint is good for you though, so whatever. I loved the cool mason jar the drink came out in with the funky looking straw – it made me so excited. Taking my first sip allowed me to enjoy the sweet taste of lemonade with the refreshing mint. Though it was a little sweet, and not the best of mint drink I’ve had, it wasn’t horrible and a good beverage to go with the awesome meal. I just hope Honest Burgers bring out a wider selection of halal foods as I’d love to try some other options. Next time, Haych, we are trying out the starters toooo.


Food – 7
Service – 8
Atmosphere – 8.1



Food – 7.9
Service – 8
Atmosphere – 8.3


Price: £25.50

Halal status: Y 

Tooting Broadway

72 Tooting High St, London SW17 0RN


020 3601 5700


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