The Apprentice – The Final Five

It’s that time of year again where five candidates have endured 10 weeks of teams, tasks and boardrooms. Yet, it’s not over… it’s the dreaded interviews tonight at 9pm. Read about The Final Five’s journey below:

Frances Bishop

Our first candidate is Frances Bishop, unfortunately for her well known as “the girl always in the losing team” (then again 2011 winner Tom P lost most of the tasks in that series). It becomes a question of is it really her fault or is she just unlucky? We saw Frances impress in the department store task in which, with Karthik by her side, she found the perfect clothing items for her customers which they appreciated and led them to buying. She understood it was all about research and the more information she extracted, the more the clients spent. Just her luck, she managed to end up on the losing team :S. Then came the discount buying task. Frances was focused on winning the task,  for example when she walked into the clothing store asking “lowest price lengha?” whereas Karthik was partaking the Indian chitchat and ended up paying double what Frances did. In the boat show task, Lord Sugar assigned Frances to be PM and it was the perfect moment to shine. She kept Sofiane and Paul apart, and though her and Sofiane didn’t ask the right questions when looking at the boats/jet ski’s, she still led her team to victory winning by over £39,000.

Haych: I quite like Frances, she’s a small little bossy mouse. She’s focused and driven but unfortunately ends up on the losing team. I would like to see her in the final so we can put it to an end if it’s the team that makes her lose or she can’t control the team.

Em: Oh deaariee Frances. It is mentioned time and time again how she has lost basically every task – missing out on the treats. However she was correct in saying the one task she led they won which is good and that but you have lost pretty much everything else. I think she was really good in the department store task and she did awesome. She also did her best in the gin task where her teammates were busy getting drunk so good on you. She seems a nice person and a good candidate but that’s about it – not much more. I don’t think she’ll win either (unless again her business plan is awesome).

Grainne McCoy

Feisty Grainne McCoy is our second candidate who made it to the Final Five. At the beginning with the Sweet Task she took control as Oliver couldn’t manage which showed her leadership skills. This was further shown by when she actually was PM for the Department Store Task. However, she didn’t listen to her team here and was swayed by Mukai’s choice with handbags. Alongside this Rebecca constantly asked to be in the shop window (as Jessica was on the other team) but she refused saying people were needed on the shop floor resulting in a lost. . When the Crowdfunding Task came, Grainne did stand her ground and didn’t allow herself to be influenced by Samuel’s ideas which showed she actually listened to Lord Sugar’s advice. In the Boat Show she definitely shined working with Courtney as she put her head to the task and got as much information as she could from the boat owners (winning their preferred choice – the jet ski), though she also let the passerby’s carry on walking. In the recent gin task, Grainne again took the PM role, however she was once again easily swayed into Trishna’s orange gin idea and “loved it” which the buyers hated. Alongside this, she was disorganised and drunk resulting in lack of communication with her subteam Frances… 19 missed calls. Wow.

Haych: When the poster for 2016 candidates came out, Grainne was one of my selected winners – she just has that look. Throughout the process I have been waiting for her to shine and it hasn’t happened. She doesn’t take control and if something is going wrong, she allows it to happen. I still wonder why Lord Sugar has kept her.

Em: Omg Grainne is soo pretty (not that that matters about this but yeah..). Anyway, I’ve loved her since Week 3 or so but then she messed up with the department store and it was like “omg Grainne use your shop window and sell scarves!!!” but whatever. I think she’s strong and confident and a really good candidate who has a big chance of winning (depending on her business plan). She puts her point across and does the best she can but it was disappointing seeing her drunk last week.. tut tut.

Alana Spencer

Third candidate is Alana Spencer who started off shy and quiet but has really grown in confidence through the weeks. She started the first week as subteam leader and with no clear pricing strategy, the girls lost. Another week of losing, she was given the ultimatum by Lord Sugar himself. The Sweet Tasks is when she was right in her element; managing the team, keeping them organised with regular checkups. Although Samuel underestimated her and sold at a different price she still ended up leading the team to victory! In the Boat Show Task, she was again underestimated as Dillon stole her sales which she was not happy about at all. Nonetheless, we see a more assertive Alana growing. The most recent tasks, she displayed her good decision making and put any ideas she had forward.

Haych: I’ve really enjoyed watching Alana grow in this process; from being choked up to fighting her battles in the boardroom. It’s a shame all the other male candidates underestimated her as she could have led them to victory. I would like to see her in the final so all the other candidates can come back and see her growth.

Em: ALANA, you’re probs my fave (probs). Don’t get me wrong I love Grainne and Jessica but Alana has just come out of her shell and I love it. By week 2/3, she was another one of my “you’re gonna go soon”, but she really pulled through and I love how she said “everyone else is starting to crack but I already did that in the beginning so I’m ok now.” I think she’s so lovely and though she use to be so slow, she’s become so confident and brave and it’s shown that she’s an awesome candidate and she can win this thing. 

Courtney Wood

Handsome, blue-eyed Courtney Wood has not been too much in the spotlight this series but he has still made it to the Final Five. In the discount buying task he put himself forward for project manager. He wasn’t the best PM, especially as he took the team all the way to SE2 (it’s not next to SE1) and if the rest of the team hadn’t done as well, and won, he probably would have been close to a firing. He described him previously as Leonardo DiCaprio and that seems correct in the Boat Show task… water were both their sinking point. He didn’t interact much with the passerby’s which left him with no jet ski sales. Displaying his creative strength in Virtual Reality week left his team with a landslide victory of 222 votes out of 300. Gordon Lost His Badges was very brandable (even though we have no idea what Galactic Gordon looks like). In the most recent task Courtney came up with “GIIN” (pronounced zjin) where he had impressive designing and creating skills though his boring, stuttered pitching proved his downside and flaw. Winning 8/10 tasks, which Courtney loves to tell the other candidates, shows him to be quite successful though we wonder how many of those wins were really down to him? Has he actually had a big voice in the majority or has he floated through this process..

Haych: He reminds me of a Frodo Baggins with the pale skin and bright blue eyes. I’m not sure what his skills are apart from designing. I would have liked to seen him in the bottom three firing line and see how he reacts to that situation. I believe pitching would be very difficult for him if he does make it to the final but hey Mark Wright coughed and stuttered and won.

Em: I don’t like him. Ok, that’s a bit harsh, yes he is good at creating and stuff but recently he has just come across waaay too cocky for my liking and it’s not cool. I think he’s floated at the back too much and not done anything AMAZING though don’t get me wrong, he has had good times. Either way, I wouldn’t put him as my “want to win” unless his business plan is really good.

Jessica Cunningham

Quirky and energetic Jessica Cunningham is the last but not least candidate to make it to the Final Five. She’s been seen as loud and fidgety and very very playful (TB to task one and her constant “whoops” as she’d pretend to drop the antique object..). Jessica put herself forward for the Advertising Task and was voted PM, however she found it difficult to organise the girls and she ended up ready to take photographs of the jeans… without the jeans. This resulted in her losing the task, but then again the boys lost too. She shone in the Department Store Task as she showcased her selling skills and became the female Jim Carrey in those window displays. Her energy has definitely impressed in pitches and though she can go a bit overboard she has shown she can (sort of) be serious when she needs to be. Jessica has also been the best seller in numerous tasks… BAM!

Haych: She’s a bundle of laughs but I feel embarrassed for her when she starts flapping in the boardroom. If she remains cool, calm and collected, she’ll smash through the interview process. I love her when she’s pitching, she’s very captivating and engaging. 

Em: I can’t lie, Jessica was one of those candidates that in the beginning I went “you’re gonna get fired soon”, but she’s still here! Her energy just seemed a bit too much and it was too much playing around rather than getting the job done. Though it was really sad to see her upset in the jeans task (and awks). However through the weeks she’s really put herself out there and been more successful and that energy really impresses with selling and pitches so good on you Jess. She’s also in my top three of “who I’d want to/think will win..”


Who’s your Apprentice 2016 winner? Comment below 🙂



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